Facts, Fiction and Best Vg Pg Ratio For Pod Systems

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“E-cigarettes: an updated review and dialogue of the controversy”. Researchers recently conducted a research that revealed that 63% of contributors who have used a Juul (standard pod brand) were not conscious that nicotine was present in the product. In addition to this, undercover operations have been conducted to prevent the sales of pods to minors by way of bodily vendors. In 2018, the FDA (food and Drug Administration) has been urged by public interests and politicians to limit the gross sales of pod mods in the United States.

In April 2018 the Food and Drug Administration began a nation-huge intervention on the resale of pod mods by means of web sites apart from its official site. The first to introduce pod mods was Pax Labs in June 2015, and since then many firms started introducing similar merchandise.

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