Don’t Lyrics ARJUN – Bryson Tiller – Cover Song

Bryson Tillers Don’t Cover Arjun LyricsBryson Tiller’s Don’t by Arjun Lyrics: New song by Arjun. Composed and lyrics penned by Arjun. Don’t Cover Lyrics Arjun song.

Song: Bryson Tiller’s Don’t Cover by Arjun
Singer: Arjun
Video: Blue Bulb Films
Music: Arjun

Bryson Tiller Don’t Cover Lyrics – Arjun

Don’t play with her don’t be dishonest
Still not understanding this logic
Aye, I’m back and I’m better
I want you bad as ever
Don’t let me just let up
I want to give you better

Baby it’s whatever
Somebody gotta step up
Girl I’m that somebody
So I’m next up

Be damned if I let him catch up
It’s easy to see that you’re fed up
I am on a whole another level
Girl he only fucked you over cause you let him

F*** em girl I guess he didn’t know any better
Girl that man didn’t show any effort
Do all I can just to show you you’re special
Certain it’s your love that holds me together

Lately you say he’s been killin the vibe
Gotta be sick of this guy
Pull up, Skurt
Get in the ride
Left hand is steering the other is gripping your thigh
Light up a spliff and get high

Shawty you deserve what you been missing
Looking at you I’m thinking he must be tripping
Play this song for him tell him just listen

Don’t play with
Don’t don’t play with

Do not understand this logic

Girl, said he keeps on playing games
And his loving ain’t the same
I don’t know what to say-ay but
What a shame

If you were mine you would not get the same
If you were mine you would top everytime
Suicide in the drop switching lanes
And that thang so fire baby no propane
Got good loving girl can I be frank

To keep it 100 girl I ain’t no saint
But he the only reason that I’m feeling this way
Giving you the world baby when you get space
Playing game get me laid
Baby let’s penetrate.. oh baby

No no

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