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When two boys, Dear friend, secretly love each other, but are afraid of losing their friends in the trailer for Single All the Way.

“Netflix” has an LGBTQ love-comedy movie in the “festival” atmosphere of happiness called “Single All the Way” waiting to be released. and has released the first trailer

The movie stars Michael Auri from the series “Ugly Betty” and “new actor” Philemon Chambers as a gay man who is a best friend and has been in a relationship for a long time until he knows everything. Then on Christmas Day the first party has to face the “Chaos” of a bossy family in finding a mate for their son. So he invites his best friend to stay at the “family” house together to help protect them.

But after a blind date at the “family” helped manage to go through well. The whole family began to see the two boys’ strange reactions and wondered if they were secretly in love. When they agreed that the two of them were perfect for being lovers. Everyone in the family helped to find a way for the two young men to open up to each other. but the problem is They fear that if they fall in love with each other, ดูหนัง ใครในร่าง their long-standing “friendship” as friends will also fall.

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